Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanks from a Grateful Elder


This snow storm here in WNY is not a joke. Today its danger compounds. Snow  - hard cold snow is piled so high. Half of my large garage is covered. I cannot see the house across the street. The snow is up to my windows now and it keeps coming down. Power outages are being reported in nearby towns. Eight deaths are attributed to this disaster. Because that is what it is - a disaster. My town has made the national news. It has been constantly on the major networks and the weather channel. It is clear so many of us are in danger. 

Especially seniors.

I consider myself pretty fit for my age and very resourceful. But the fact is, as you age, there are limits to what you can do physically. This storm has presented many challenges. I have met them emotionally and spiritually. I am unable to respond physically, however. 

It's an age thing. All I can do is wait out this frightful episode.

This is why calls and texts and messages from friends and family mean so much and make me feel like I will be okay. They understand my situation. Glenn and I are lucky to have one another. To enjoy as best we can this internment. But we, being social animals and doers, if you will, are anxious to rejoin the human race. 

I cannot believe the people in my life who couldn't take the time for a quick phone call, email, text, Facebook posting or tweet. It is terrible how self absorption and lack of empathy pervades so many. Well, I accept your careless natures. You are what you are. I will always remember that.

I will also always remember those sweet people who love me enough to check in. 

Thank you nephews Michael and Adam. Thank you niece Anne Marie. Thank you dear friends Don Paul,Cathy Hechler, Jane Eve and Ken Ruisi.. Thank you cousins Nancy and Donna.  Thank you Aunt Grace & Rose. Thanks cousins Diane and Maryanne in San Francisco AND sister-in-law Colleen and brother-in-law Colin. And a special thanks to a great neighbor and friend, Jean Feldman.

You all understand that at whatever age , humans need to feel they matter. I am grateful. Michael, Adam, Anne Marie, Don, Cathy, Jane Eve, Ken, Nancy, Donna, Grace, Rose, Diane, Maryanne, Colleen and Colin & Jean - you all matter to me -  especially because I matter to you.