Saturday, September 17, 2016

100 Days


Today marks the 38th day of my recovery . My total recovery before I venture out into the world is 100 days . This has to be the most difficult time of my life and the most harrowing ! My energy is so very low . My appetite thankfully has improved a bit from bad to fair . So I am seeing some progress and the progress is so very slow . I have been home for two weeks now after a long and horrible three-week hospital stay . It was excruciating , isolating and beyond boring. But through all this I have had the most amazing outpouring of love and support from so many people . Although I requested no hospital visits it didn't matter . People were still there for me:
 Thank you Michael , Heather and Stevie for cleaning my house to make it pristine for my return. 
Thanks to Jeanie for checking in with Glenn every single day giving him the very necessary emotional support he needed. 
Thanks to Debbie for her frequent uplifting texts. 
Anne Marie's encouraging texts to me and her supportive calls to Glenn always seemed to arrive at the right moment. 
So many of you found good use for texting at long last. Glenn and I appreciated it. 
The phone calls, emails and messages from close friends to warm acquaintances was staggering. 

This all brings to mind that wonderful line the Wizard of Oz speaks to the Tin Man " Remember my sentimental friend, it's not how much you love but how much you are loved that matters."


Michael has been a source of great strength in all he has done and continues to do. Thank God for Michael. Every one should have a Michael in their lives who is, by the way, blessed with a terrific girlfriend like Heather.  Btw, thanks for the terrific elliptical. Glenn's enjoying it - soon for me.


Touches of kindness reach me daily:
 Thanks JoEllen for the Sedaris CDs - his wit and sharp eye blended in oddly enough with my recovery mood.
I am looking forward to digging into the two Bill Bryson books Maryanne, Frank and Pete were so generous to send. Must be special if the author is a favorite of yours.
Colleen's thoughtful music CDs and books offered peace and encouragement.
Diane and Maryanne surprised me with an Amazon gift card - one store I don't mind getting lost in.
I was especially touched by the book and beautiful quilt made with caring hands by members of Hamburg United Methodist Church - sent to me early on.
What really astounds me are the hundreds of prayer warriors from Anne Marie's to Michaelene's and beyond that are  praying specifically for me - for me!
I didn't know receiving card's and notes filled with well wishes and good cheer could elevate me to such joyous heights.

I am feeling strong enough to receive phone calls and visits, now. Hope to see and hear from you soon. I know I haven't been able to come to the phone or had to discourage visits and I do hope this wasn't too off-putting for you. I truly just wasn't strong enough. To complete a sentence was a huge effort. Now, things have improved and I am able to speak on the phone as well as visit with you at my home. So please call or drop in. Rules for a visit: no coughs or colds or having been around someone with a cold or contagious situation, don't bring plants, cut flowers or stuffed animals, and when you see me a fist bump is the preferred display of affection. That last rule slays me BUT doctor"s orders.


I feel thankful beyond words for my life - thankful that I still have my life. I am grateful that with this life the number one key to its success is Glenn. His calm loving reserve - his exemplary communication skills with doctors and staff at Roswell - his clear understanding of all things me at this most difficult time are truly what saved my life. Above all his dedication driven by pure holy love is my panacea.


As I forge ahead in my recovery , I know - Casera-sera whatever will be will be, like the song goes- but I firmly believe that whatever will be will be - will be grand!