Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shame On Dr. Oz

Today Dr. Oz devoted his show to a debate on aversion therapy - gay to straight. I had to check my calender. What year is this? Oh, 2012! And Oz and guests are debating whether or not you can change from gay to straight. What will his next show debate? Should we have freed the slaves? Was it a mistake to give women the right to vote? Are Negroes capable of complex thought? Why do Jews eat little babies?

I find it terribly offensive that in 2012 or any year for that matter a national television show run by a much loved celebrity doctor gives forum to such bigotry. That there are people out there who are haters is not news to me. That a television show that claims to exist to help and guide people with such a benevolent host dares to give voice to bigots amazes me and enrages me beyond belief!

Shame on Dr. Oz. Shame on the participants in this debate. And shame on anyone who thinks such a debate is fair. How would Dr. Oz like a pro and con panel on the hygiene habits of Turks?

Synonyms for aversion :  disgust, distaste, horror, loathing, nausea, repugnance, repulsion, revulsion

Gee thanks Dr. Oz! Back at you!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Classic That No One Watches

That's an actual statistic about "Citizen Kane" the classic movie that was recently unseated as the number one greatest movie of all time. Hitchcock's "Vertigo" took first place this year after Orson Welles' first film held the number one spot for decades. If it were up to me neither movie would hold top spot - most especially "Citizen Kane".

We settled in for another movie night to exercise our new Blu-Ray DVD player and good sized flat screen to watch 'Citizen Kane" for once and for all - in Blu-Ray, of course. So, we were pretty stoked. Wow Wee Wow! The opening shots of Xanadu were evocative and very promising. This was going to be GREAT!  Waah - waah..........

"Citizen Kane" is a monumental bore. It couldn't be more irrelevant and starchy. The acting is, well, ACTING!! The camera angles and placements, the fades and dissolves - new at the time - are show-offy and pretentious. I'm sure these things were worthy of praise way back and deserve respect today - innovation and all that  BUT it is a museum piece AND it should not be touted as the greatest movie ever made. You can imagine the expectations such a pronouncement brings. You will only be let down. And we were.

I believe a true classic, no matter how old, should always speak to whatever time it is experienced. If one must research the subject matter and then delve into the history of the era in which the film was made, that renders the movie irrelevant. It may be a pleasure to watch and interesting in its antique quality but should it be rated the top film of all time. A real classic will always remain relevant. Think of classic movies like 'Its A Wonderful Life, Wizard of Oz, Night of the Hunter, A Christmas Carol ( Alistair Sims ), To Kill A Mockingbird, all those great MGM musicals, Ben Hur, West Side Story - most of Alfred Hitchcock's movies-especially his most prolific decade his 1950's movies - my list is endless- I love movies - even the Mickey & Judy romps are more relevant and entertaining then 'Citizen Kane"

BEWARE THE CLASSIC MOVIE - it may put you to sleep - which, actually, may be its only saving grace.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Oh, that smell of sulfur!"

Last night Glenn and I watched The Wizard of Oz. It must be my zillionth viewing although I haven't seen it in years. We recently bought a Blu-Ray DVD player and just 2 weeks ago upgraded to a much larger digital component flat screen. So, what we are doing is revisiting favorite movies and classics we may or may not have seen  - just to glory in the Blu-Ray visuals - oh, and the sound quality of our new TV is superb.  Surprisingly, the black and white movies are striking in Blu-Ray. But, I digress. What I really wanted to talk about are two very interesting discoveries.

Discovery #1 - Glinda the good witch in The Wizard of Oz says a line I never heard before until yesterday. When the wicked witch departs after her initial threat to Dorothy in a large display of multi-colored smoke, Glinda the good witch says, "Oh, that smell of sulfur". I NEVER HEARD THAT BEFORE!! I truly believe it is an ad lib as it seems to me she is speaking out of character and the remark is offhand and very low key. I was shocked and deeply amused as well. "Oh, that smell of sulfur!" - clearly an unhappy complaining actress. What mystifies me is that the editor left it in. I mean such a remark is obviously referring to the visual effect - the huge clouds of smoke that the wicked witch disappears in. And Billie Burke as the good witch, Glinda, breaks character ever so fleetingly to snarl, 'Oh that smell of sulfur!" 

Discovery #2 -  Dorothy and her odd trio, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow are entering the forest to find the Wicked Witch so they can steal her broom for the Wizard of Oz. They cautiously walk along a path chanting 'Lions and tigers and bears - oh my." Look closely. You will see the Scarecrow carrying a gun -  A GUN!! When did he get a gun? Why did I never see that gun in all the years  - the many years of viewing this most familiar film.  A GUN??  There are a few quick gun sightings and then it is gone. He never uses it. I can not for the life of me understand why I haven't spotted the Scarecrow brandishing a pistol before.


Sunday, November 25, 2012


It has become a cliche to say family is who you chose not necessarily who you are related too. And cliche's are tiresome. Yet, don't cliche's exist out of truth? You see, I agree with the "family is who you chose" cliche. There are people in my life I love to death who are not blood related or even related through marriage. They are related through experience - through shared times and events - episodes. I think about this today because I just spent an evening with such a "relative". He is everything family should be - well, everything we keep expecting from blood but are frequently let down by. Why is that? This young man comes to my home with love and respect and bushels of fun. He leaves me with a pure heart. There is never a left over resentment or shred of disappointment after he is gone. I have wanted that from my family all my life. It is a rare moment in time when I had that. Retrospectively, I had unconditional love from my parents who are sadly gone. I have a sister , a brother-in-law, niece and two nephews who fulfill this need. Yet, I come from a large family of siblings, nieces and nephews. It is a very broken family as a distant niece recently remarked.

When did we break? When will we be fixed? Who will fix us?

I am not shattered. It is just something I think about when chosen family - not blood - shares my time. I actually have a good life. I am with the love of my life. I am not unhappy. I just could be happier. Couldn't we all?

Oh, the cliche is " "You can choose your friends but you can't choose your family" - thanks google. I prefer the newer cliche "Friends are the family we choose for ourselves".

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Morgana King

There is absolutely no one on this earth like Morgana King. Otherworldly,enchanting, mezmerizing, ghostly, BEAUTIFUL may suffice in describing her sound. You just have to hear her to understand what I mean. Click the link below to sample this celestial being called Morgana King. Start with 'A Taste Of Honey".

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Life Of Pi

Ang Lee's new movie, Life Of Pi is astonishing! Brilliant and moving, Life Of Pi is abundant with originality. Its also abundant with excitement and adventure. See it in 3D to experience its full worth. No longer does 3D have to be a cheap gimmick of objects flying in your face. 3D as art is what director Ang Lee has in mind AND he achieves high art. Don't let that scare you off. It is not artsy but artful and above all else enormously involving and entertaining. I will not only see it again but am most eager to read the book it is based on. Life Of Pi is a beautiful film - visually, to be sure but spiritually as well. To accomplish high adventure and soaring spirituality in a story about a boy literally lost at sea is monumental. Add a ferocious tiger, an island of meerkats , a sinking passenger ship, a zebra, monkey, mean cook and several nail biting storms in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and you have the ingredients of a surprising story of faith and survival.

Is Pancreatic Cancer On The Rise?

My mother passed from pancreatic cancer. My brother passed from pancreatic cancer. Today it was announced that Mr. Food was also taken by this horrible disease. It seems I'm hearing accounts more and more about friends, acquaintences and celebs being brought down by this scourge. And it makes me wonder - just what is being done in the way of research and treatment? I feel pancreatic cancer is not a priority in the medical and science world. Perhaps I'm wrong. I don't know. This form of cancer is the cruelist it seems. There are no early warnings or treatments. My mother was diagnosed three months before she passed away. My brother had little warning as well. A diagnoses of pancreatic cancer is a death sentence. And it is immediate. A victim's final days are miserable. Severe pain, unconsciousness, delerium and over medication are all the stricken will know until the merciless end. Where are the telethons, campaigns, seminars, RESEARCH AND CURE?

Pictured is my husband, Glenn with Mr. Food at Taste Of Buffalo. Mr. Food - what is his real name? - was very nice and authentic. RIP, sir.

Click link!/JointheFight

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


People dressed better then they do, now. The fashion world respected people more.  We dressed up for events and kept the casual for everyday living. Go to the theater now and see people dressed in shorts and T shirts and sweatpants. Dressing up makes the event special beyond its own specialness. Go to weddings or even funerals now and people look like their going to a football game.


Holidays remind me of my blessings. They are many. I get nostalgic. I miss the dearly departed. Remember tinsel on the tree and big multi-colored tree lights and believing in Santa and a light snowy Christmas Eve as you go with loved ones to midnight mass? Coming home with a healthy chill and having toast and hot chocolate before you turn in - then Christmas morning? I still remember AND will never forget.


I remember when we enjoyed every movie we saw and didn't care what the critics said.Who knew from critics.Dad dropped us off every Sunday afternoon at the Abbott to see whatever was playing.I never knew what I was going to see BUT I loved everything I saw-whether it was a western,drama,musical or comedy.


I like my life these days but I do miss things or more importantly people from the past. I am reminded of a time quite different from now while I reflect as the New Year approaches.You know, I'm not a youngster anymore but I still miss my mother and father and when I think of them I feel not like a grown up but like a child - their child