Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Classic That No One Watches

That's an actual statistic about "Citizen Kane" the classic movie that was recently unseated as the number one greatest movie of all time. Hitchcock's "Vertigo" took first place this year after Orson Welles' first film held the number one spot for decades. If it were up to me neither movie would hold top spot - most especially "Citizen Kane".

We settled in for another movie night to exercise our new Blu-Ray DVD player and good sized flat screen to watch 'Citizen Kane" for once and for all - in Blu-Ray, of course. So, we were pretty stoked. Wow Wee Wow! The opening shots of Xanadu were evocative and very promising. This was going to be GREAT!  Waah - waah..........

"Citizen Kane" is a monumental bore. It couldn't be more irrelevant and starchy. The acting is, well, ACTING!! The camera angles and placements, the fades and dissolves - new at the time - are show-offy and pretentious. I'm sure these things were worthy of praise way back and deserve respect today - innovation and all that  BUT it is a museum piece AND it should not be touted as the greatest movie ever made. You can imagine the expectations such a pronouncement brings. You will only be let down. And we were.

I believe a true classic, no matter how old, should always speak to whatever time it is experienced. If one must research the subject matter and then delve into the history of the era in which the film was made, that renders the movie irrelevant. It may be a pleasure to watch and interesting in its antique quality but should it be rated the top film of all time. A real classic will always remain relevant. Think of classic movies like 'Its A Wonderful Life, Wizard of Oz, Night of the Hunter, A Christmas Carol ( Alistair Sims ), To Kill A Mockingbird, all those great MGM musicals, Ben Hur, West Side Story - most of Alfred Hitchcock's movies-especially his most prolific decade his 1950's movies - my list is endless- I love movies - even the Mickey & Judy romps are more relevant and entertaining then 'Citizen Kane"

BEWARE THE CLASSIC MOVIE - it may put you to sleep - which, actually, may be its only saving grace.

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