Monday, March 23, 2015

The Meaning of Life


When the one person in your life - the main person - the one you love so much it hurts - when that person is in danger - in jeopardy - unhappy - sick -  

 - all the joy goes out of everything you do - everything you see - you eat without tasting - your laugh is empty - your smile is just a position you arrange with your lips - your eyes lose focus - your stomach churns unrelentingly.


The things you wanted that would make you happy don't.

Why is this?

It is so because nothing is anything if not shared. Your joy needs a witness. Without the participation of your loved one there is no joy.

This is the meaning of life. To love and be loved is all that matters. It is the simplest truth.                              

We laugh together.

We cry alone.

An artist paints a picture to be seen. A singer sings a song to be heard. The painting, the song has no value otherwise.

Love only exists when it is given as well as accepted. True love is the equalizer. 

This is why we ache when our loved one aches. 

Life is a hellish solitary confinement when bad things happen to your one true love. 

A hollow stomach - a band of ache grips the head - future scenarios are grim - you tingle with fear - your sleep is muddled - you awake only to be greeted with the familiar devastation....

This is now your life.

But because you have a life- the inevitable glimmer of hope appears.

It's a new day even with the old baggage and your love is still your love.


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