Thursday, February 7, 2013

Flacco & The Gladiators


Watching football on television was never my thing. Long and tedious with annoying commentary, it seems the perfect couch potato endeavor - a very starchy pastime - pass the wings - another pepperoni slice. But give me a game like this recent Super Bowl and its Grand Theater approaching operatic heights. Flacco, Jacoby Jones, a power outage, Beyonce's burlesque, million dollar commercials and a nail biter finale added up to a theatrical event that would be the envy of Cameron Macintosh.

Now to break it down from the view point of a theater geek:
  • The game in a word was SPECTACULAR!  I was rooting for the 49'ers but applauding the brilliance of the Ravens - not to say that San Fran wasn't brilliant - their 2nd half performance almost took it away - but, geez, Jones' 108 yard kickoff return was amazing!
  • Beyonce was pretty ridiculous. Back in the day you'd pay 2 bits to see what they used to call exotic dancers do what she does. Exotic dancers were strippers who kept their clothes on - barely - no pun intended. Half time was half baked time.
  • The power outage may have hurt the Ravens in terms of momentum BUT it was such an interesting element to an already dramatic evening in New Orleans.
  • The commercials were lame but fun because of their lameness. Who doesn't like to sit around at home judging? However, I did fancy the Joe Montana stain commercial - a great send up of those stories you see on the news every now and then - you know, the ones where some nut swears they can see Jesus' image in a potato chip.
  • But, for me the Super Bowl experience that had my heart racing as if I were watching "Jaws" for the very first time was the last 4 seconds. Having been made a believer by now, I was so sure the 49'ers would pull it off. Shows you just how much I really know about football.
 Super Bowl 2013 was great theater - an exciting game that transcended for me my indifference to football and most specifically to the over blown, over produced, over hyped annual Super Bowl. I just may tune in next February 2014. Hey, maybe they'll get Nikki Minaj for half time.


  1. The woman in the Joe Montana stain commercial was an NU grad

  2. Christine Gordon ScarsellaFebruary 9, 2013 at 12:08 AM

    Me.....I just wanted my numbers !!!!!!!