Sunday, April 28, 2013

Quick Takes


  • Paula's Donuts are AWESOME which translates into a new kind of delicious! OMG! OMG! OMG!!

  • "Mr. Selfridge" is my favorite TV show which makes me not miss "Downton Abby quite so much.

  • "Hitchcock" with Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren is a terrific entertainment. This film fell under most movie goers radar, unfortunately. Go to your Red Box asap and rent it - it is also available in Blu-ray. Its all about the making of "Psycho" Alfred Hitchcock's biggest box office hit. This flick is so much fun and Hopkins and Mirren are divine - pure entertainment.
  • Speaking of entertainment, the Correspondent's dinner on C Span, CNN, Fox and probably some other feeds this evening was just that - entertaining. Barack and Conan were a scream. It was especially interesting to see audience reactions to the barbs and shots of the targets of the barbs all taking it in the right spirit. There seemed to be only one aisle tonight AND that's a good thing. I almost got all gooey misty over Chris Christie. I said almost!

  • Daryl Hall is a great singer. He is blessed with a range and warm lyric baritone that is as appealing as his looks. I highly recommend his show on Palladia, "Daryl's House" where he has on each episode a musician/singer/composer as a guest. Daryl sings their songs. The guest sings his songs. They duet. They have dinner. They sing and play some more. Sometimes the program is a half hour. Other times an hour. It all takes place in his upstate New York home - a beautiful, rustic setting. It is shown frequently and repeated just as often. My favorite shows so far have been with musical guests Rob Thomas, Booker T and Smokey Robinson. Daryl 's take on Smokey's OOH Baby Baby is stunning!

  • Motorcycles are beautiful. My nephew dropped by this morning on a sunny ride with his bike. It is a thing of wonder - shiny black and silver - powerful in stance as if it were a god. His Harley seems to posses a mysterious personality harboring a secret. If I were younger and braver, you'd find me atop a big shiny PURPLE mother revving it for all its worth and mine as well.

  • Switching gears - finally, you know what? Being angry, pissed, upset even miffed at someone you love for more than a few days is just so exhausting and a waste of serious time - time you can never regain. So, be pissed miffed and bothered then give it up. If the object of your temporary disaffection also loves you, they'll follow your example and give it up, too. Seriously, dear blog reader, smoldering for too long builds a wall that can become too high to climb over. Do you really need one less bell to answer - one less egg to fry?


  1. Wonderful as always, and ur last bit? "Eggcellent" (Yes, I'm ridiculous, & I Love that song. And yet, I wonder, Did her Lover Really only eat ONE EGG? Probably left cos Starving!).

  2. So funny, Amber - yep one egg wouldn't cut it with me!

  3. I am going to check out Daryl's house. It sounds interesting, and I must agree about Mr. Selfridge. Last week's episode certainly left me wanting more. Wondering what happens to him??? Enjoyed your blog, first thing I read this morning, again.