Saturday, May 11, 2013

SHE - Mommie, Ma, Mother



She brought me hot chocolate and buttered toast at bedtime.
She softly sang me to sleep with "Lavender Blue"

She left the skin on the stovetop chocolate pudding just the way I like it - and still do.

She made me feel special putting me in the center as my siblings sang "Slowpoke" to me and about me in a show she directed at our church.

She allowed me to hide from my Godparents who for some strange reason frightened me even when they came bearing gifts.


She encouraged me to sing while playing the piano - requesting certain songs such as "Mama", "Ordinary People" and "Sunrise Sunset" 
She didn't insist I eat spaghetti which I hated at dinnertime but allowed me to foolishly concoct my own dinner - baloney and American Cheese on buttered white bread. What was I thinking?!

She sent Ralph Marano away numerous times when he begged her at the door to let me out to play baseball when she knew I'd rather stay in and watch Annette on The Mickey Mouse Club.

She delighted in the words I invented and frequently used that, to this day, are spoken still with credibility.

She let my own personal style prevail when shopping for clothes whether it be for the new school year, Easter or summertime.

She surprised me when she showed up looking like a Hollywood star at my Boy Scout award ceremony. I failed to tell her about the event but she somehow knew. I was so proud of my Ma especially when Dennis Kalender remarked that she looked like Ava Gardner - and, that night, she did.

She would begin shyly but as she got into the song while I accompanied her on the piano, her rendition of "The Party's Over" was unsurpassed.

She would make me scream with laughter with her outrageous replies to my daily question "What's for dinner?"


She created a home that reflected the now in our lives - comfortable rooms, plants everywhere - her jungle - outside gardens and her beloved patio - it was fashioned all for us.

She was our clock - our appointment calendar

She was our advocate

She was our fearless liaison to the world

She was our heart

She was home 

                                               HAPPY  MOTHERS  DAY


  1. What a fantastic woman Bertha Baksa was. I am honored to have called her grandma :)

    1. Umberta - Bert as grandpa sometimes called her - she once told me her friends used to call her Bertie although I thought for years she meant Birdie. You never stop missing your mother.

  2. Excellent Tony.

  3. Mary Baksa PriceMay 12, 2013 at 12:05 PM

    You certainly pegged her to the tee. Beautiful

  4. That was a beautiful tribute to our Mother!!!

  5. Wish I could have met her!