Friday, June 6, 2014


Today was an A+ day.


  • I dropped a few pounds - cutting major carbs does work.  

  •  Got my lawn service bill and it was amazingly low for all they do. 

  • Glenn cooked a delicious dinner - hoisin eggplant with a side of mapu tofu.

  • We watched a Blu-Ray "Wolverine" - wonderful!

  • We did not receive one telemarketing call today - hooray!

  • I had a great work out at the gym. This one guy that has decided we are buddies and always ALWAYS comes over to me when I am deep in my treadmill trance - headphones snugly on - beautiful music flowing into my head - anyway, he always ALWAYS spots me and begins talking ignoring the fact that I have my headphones on and can't hear a damn thing he is saying. So, of course, I am forced to remove my headphones to listen to his empty blather resulting in my lovely trance being broken while I pretend I care what he is talking about. TODAY HE JUST WAVED HI and I waved back and all was right with my world as Morgana King whispered "Corcovado" in my ear.....ah.........

  • After a very busy year and a half, I have time for reading. I began a compelling book gifted to me by my "reader" niece, Anne Marie. It's called "Perfume" - I am hooked.

  •  I saw a huge array of birds at the feeders especially my favorites - cardinals and orioles.
  • Just discovered that Sirius radio has a station devoted purely to Neil Diamond who I have come to appreciate in his old age - and mine.

  • Nothing bothered me today - no nagging paranoia or needy yearnings.

  • Today was smooth sailing.

  • Odds are tomorrow will be shit..........................



  1. I love when I get days like that...where everything falls into place...the way you want it too. Enjoyed reading about your wonderful day. love Jean

    1. Actually, if truth be told, I have a lot of A+ days. When I consider the misery of so many others, I have little reason to complain.

  2. Loved this post! I love days like that. Hopefully the sh*t didn't hit the fan the next day. It would be a bitch to clean up!!! Love, AM (the reader)

    1. No its all been good so far

  3. I love this post! Hopefully the sh*t didn't hit the fan the next day. It would be a bitch to clean up! Love, AM (the reader)

  4. oops, well you saw my edited version. The first didn't take, but then again, I guess it did. What am I talking about anyway?? Do I sound like my mother???? AM

  5. hello!,I really like your writing very much! Looking forward to your next post.

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