Friday, January 9, 2015

2014 - The Numbers Have It - a brief retrospective........

Looking back on one whole year - random pops up. 


On the positive side:


Pop Up #1 - San Francisco - Long overdue visit to spend time with in-laws and reacquaint myself with this magical city. I first visited SF in 1996. That experience and the 2014 experience couldn't be more different. Suffice it to say my most recent SF trip stands out as the highlight of my year. Especially noteworthy was spending much of the time with Glenn's family, cousins, Aunts and Uncles. What a classy group. 


Pop Up #2 - Movies - as movie critic for The Sun I saw many movies and luckily many good movies - stand outs are "Gone Girl", "The Imitation Game" all the X-Men flicks and especially "Into The Woods". I love this job!

Pop Up #3 - I directed a staged reading of Michael Russell's comedy "Countergirls" . Performed in a restaurant setting, it was very successful - packed house - people had to be turned away at the door - sorry for that but happy, too. 


Pop Up #4 - I lost 56 pounds by eating delicious healthy food and cutting bread and butter from my diet. There's nothing like the feeling of buying new clothes 2 sizes smaller and fitting comfortably into restaurant booths. 


Pop Up #5 - Loving our frequent train rides to NYC where I left my heart - sorry San Fran.

Pop Up #6 - Home improvements - new AC system - new flooring for entire first floor - new terrific lawn service - tree removal

Pop Up #7 - continued good relations with neighbors and so glad we could be the one helping for a change as they are always the ones to bail these city slickers out of their country jams. Can you say "bats in the belfry"? 


Pop Up #8 - new car - love the very blue Fusion - love it!                                  


Pop Up #9 - a very nice languid Christmas season spent with the ones that really care

Pop Up #10 - Netflix

Pop Up #11 - Amazon Prime                                         

Pop Up #12 - Trader Joe's comes to Buffalo

Pop Up #13 - advice from a wise niece actually takes hold and brings about happy acceptance - it's got to do with letting go of toxic people and appreciating those good people who want nothing from you but you. I have been a much less crazy person ever since. 

Pop Up #14 - Blue framed eye glasses 

Pop Up #15 - memory foam slip-on gym shoes

Pop Up #16 - MARRAIGE EQUALITY SPREADS TO 36 STATES!  It's only a matter of time, travails, shouting matches and holier than though rallies until sensibility rules - in my lifetime.


On the not so positive side:


Pop Up #1 - the tragedy of Jenny - dear beautiful niece passes away unexpectedly 2 days before 2014 draws to a close - only 21 years old -  a true shock


Pop Up #2 - a tragedy of a different sort - loss of a friendship - surprise behavior brings the end to what I believed to be a very close and special relationship - WHY is still the hanging unanswered question - why meaning why the cold unloving actions perpetrated against me? - the hurt is gone, now but a sadness lingers


Pop Up #3 -  Snowvember!!

Pop Up #4 - car was vandalized - extraordinary how an act like this can make you feel so violated - one day of terror corrected the very next day to great satisfaction - all's well that ends well!

Pop Up #5 - a certain brand of cruelty targets another niece health-wise - prayers of deliverance and mercy are much appreciated 

Pop Up #6 - I read very few books in 2014

Pop Up #7 - RACISM REARED ITS UGLY HEAD MORE THAN ONCE IN 2014 - this must stop!

Thank God, my positive Pop-Ups outnumber the negatives. Here's hoping my good numbers continue to dominate.




  1. I love my Fusion too. Sorry for the let downs, especially losing such a beautiful "flower" as Jenny. How things seem to bring people together. Did you know that her cousin, Doncho's niece Diane(mother Gert) is my hair dresser here at the apartment complex.ll this time we did not know we were sort of related. She remembers you and Glen and Mimi and mostly Gloria's beautiful smile. Hang in there my dear nephew

    1. Thanks, Aunt - yes I know Gertie etc. I'm always running into people who know people as well - this big wide wonderful world is full of connections.

  2. I'm sorry for your sad pop ups. I hope 2015 brings more happy pop ups.

  3. Wishing you and Glenn all beautiful and happy pop ups for 2015!

  4. Terrific reflection on your year! love you dearly ;-) AM