Monday, March 25, 2013



Remember that television show about nothing? It ran for nine years so it must have been about something. My life has run longer than nine years so it must also be about something. Although today I feel like that TV show - searching for a theme, a plot, a reason. Jerry Seinfeld and company were happy that their nothingness garnered laughs. So that was what it was all about for them. And that surely is something.

Nothing's about nothing. It is impossible. Today I wanted to do a new post on my blog. I felt the need. And although there is much going on inside of me, that is not what I wanted to share. Yet, I wanted to post something meaningful.

I have nothing.

Today this blog is about nothing - my nothing. Shall I recount my day? I got out of bed at 7am to pee. Returned to bed and slept till 9am. Brewed coffee - Colombian roast - sat down in front of the TV with my coffee and zapped the hundred plus channels gathering bits of information useless and worldly. At 10am I moved from my chair in the living room to the kitchen to "prepare" frozen waffles for me and Glenn. We chatted mundanely over slightly toaster burned waffles. Glenn retired to the music room with his kindle and I to the shower. About an hour later we left for the gym. 90 minutes later we drove to the car wash - poor thing was shamefully mucky from the previous week's mire.

Nothing, right?

Home to a little Internet shopping - potassium pills - free shipping - and, then, checking in on Jodi Arias and the brilliant Mendes ripping the psychiatrist on the stand a big wide new one.

Back to the kitchen for an early dinner - 3pm - tomato soup, lox, cream cheese and onion bagels, cold pork loin, garden salad and cherry Pepsi.

We adjourned to the living room to watch a dvr'd Restaurant Stakeout - is this show real or staged?

Talked for an hour or so with sister Jeanie on the telephone - touching upon the recent events that surely were something - not nothing.

Back to watch Antiques Roadshow and here I am blogging about NOTHING.

Or is it just because its Monday?


  1. Your nothing day seemed like a perfectly lovely day to me. Doing what you wanted to do when you wanted to do it with the resources to do it. And best of all having Glenn to share it with. Now that's something! See you soon :) AM

    1. Well, it was a pretty boring day BUT you are right AND thankfully, not everyday is like this.

    2. I call Monday, the Off Day", alas the all about nothing day. For instance, if you work, you either can't seem to get it together or you don't want to get it together. Hence, the "Off Day". If you're lucky enough to be home, you usually have several things to accomplish, that, by the way, were carefully planned out on Sunday evening. You go to bed with good intentions and , wham, you do nothing. Sound familiar? And although, you swear, you've done something, you've basically done nothing.
      So I leave my rant in total agreement with Tony, because no matter how we try to argue the fact, it turns out to be a day of "all about nothing"

    3. Sometimes, Donna, I have a Thursday Monday - ha-ha - really - but I have analyzed it and I am just one of those people who needs constant significance in my life which is, of course ridiculous. But, there it is. I think I need to learn how to accept the mundane from time to time. It isn't all just bells and whistles.