Sunday, March 10, 2013

The New Drug

We are a nation of addicts. Most of us are junkies. Oh yes we are - WE ARE!

What is your drug of choice? Television? Casinos? Buffets? The Internet?  OR the new drug - the most insidious drug - the most annoying, irritating, rude, habit  forming and ironically anti-social drug of all
                                             TEXTING !!
Everywhere I go everyone has their head down - palm out nesting their device - other hand pecking like a hungry bird collecting tiny seeds. This is happening while they are with other people. I see it on the street. I see it at the gym, library, supermarket, restaurants, the theater - movies and legit -  EVERYWHERE!  I see drivers steering down the highways and byways texting their fool heads off.


Cell phones have revolutionized social intercourse. The pushers - AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and the rest have us hooked for life. Oh yes they do. And I fear for the future. People are never really in the moment anymore. They go to a play and at intermission they immediately turn their phones on as the house lights come up. Why aren't they out in the lobby stretching their legs, mulling around, discussing the first act, chatting with the people THEY CAME WITH. No, they are texting the people they didn't come with. WHY? WHY? WHY?????????????
Do they not like their theater companions? Why didn't they come with their textee OR go to them?  Why are they at the theater? GO HOME!

How about the situation where you are in a deep conversation with a friend and they receive a text. Rather than respond at a more appropriate time, why do they feel compelled to answer the text immediately. Never mind that by doing this they break up the chat with you. This rude act tells you that your words, your company is less important to them than some inane text asking, "Whazzup, dog?"

Telephone answering machines use to help us avoid calls. They would help us manage our incoming calls. We left our homes knowing the machine would collect any important messages. We went out feeling socially covered. If we were home involved in a good  meal, TV show or God forbid, A BOOK, we never felt compelled to drop everything to answer the phone. "The machine will do it", we said. And it did with great efficiency. No feelings were hurt. Calls were returned and the book got read, the TV show watched to its conclusion, the meal enjoyed from soup to nuts. What happened? We have completely turned around. Is it because our family and friends know we have a cell and therefore we must have it with us ALWAYS because isn't that what cell phones are for TO HAVE THEM WITH US ALWAYS. So, we answer the text whatever and wherever the situation and place.

Now, the convenience has become an addiction. We just have to text.

I text. I love texting. It is efficient. It is economical. It saves time. I know there are others like me who text appropriately, that is to say, SANELY. We do not feel the world will end if we ignore a text signal while involved with another human being or activity. We will not put the pork chop down to respond to the  "whazzups, smiley icons, photos sent from the mall with the new TCBY flavor or of the 300 pound mini skirted lady with spiked heels and green hair" - well, that one I would drop the pork chop for -  LOL - and another thing - I HATE LOL - is anyone seriously laughing out loud or LMAO - I'd love to laugh my ass off - literally........

I'm done.


  1. So true & rather disheartening.

  2. It's completely true and its something I've been trying to work on as a person. However, I do believe that if you were born into the era of cell phones that you would be just as bad. It is a problem our generation struggles with as far as communication, but I wouldn't blame it on the people. Blame it on the technology. I don't think it's rude to answer a text when you're around other people. Who's to say that its rude not to answer someone that's texting you, whom is significant and important to you? What if it is important? What if you just enjoy talking to them all the time because you really care about them? It's only mean spirited if you make it mean spirited. I think kids and EVEN adults need to learn when its best to put the cell phone away and when it's okay to take it out. I will work on it as well.

    1. Well, dear PJ, it is rude - that is my point. You and many others do not think its rude. Well, it is! You make the mistake of believing it is generational. I never said that. It is not just the young. I know plenty of 40 pluses and beyond who are just as guilty as the teen texter. I am not talking about the casual text to check in with a loved one. I am referring to constant texting while one is in the company of others. That is rude. And if it is an emergency situation, I would think a phone call rather than a text would be in order. Don't make it a young against the old battle. It truly is not and so cut the James Dean rebel bit, Dog.

  3. My Son, Geoff(25) & My Grand-daughter, Lex(15) have both used their cells while having a meal, out or at my home. I voiced my displeasure right from the get go & now they are more polite about their cell phone use while in my company. I've earned that respect. Lesson Learned.

  4. What I do not like is when I am standing in front of someone having, what I thought, an in-depth conversation and the person's phone goes off (new text) and that text takes precedence over me! I am A HUMAN BEING standing right in front of you!!! Why is the text more important than me? People don't even excuse themselves to answer the text, they just blatantly stop listening to you and focus completely on replying to that text. If it VERY important, please excuse yourself, do what you have to do ONCE, don't continue texting and then when you re-focus on the HUMAN BEING standing right in front of you, apologize for the interruption. Kim St. George

    1. I so agree, Kim. I love texting for its efficiency but like everything in our society, we abuse. And, please, anyone who may be reading this - believe me when I say - its everybody not just the teens. I've seen 60+ folks bent over their phones as well.