Sunday, July 14, 2013

Google Ghosts - A Cyber Psychic Serial by Tony Baksa - Episode 7 - Color and Light


The grey was all gone. Colors abounded. Everywhere Artie lumbered along in his new "body" was filled with the most amazing color and light. He moved with a purpose - a singular goal to find Jill. Artie just knew Jill had the answers or was willing to share them. Gregory, Clifford and the rest could have helped him but strangely did not want to do so. Why oh why? His parents' brief visit as well as Norma's promised hope but came to naught. It seems they had abandoned him. Left him to fend for himself. Betrayed him even. Yes, Artie - sweet natured Artie was angry. His supposed loved ones -  all of them -  had betrayed him. Except for Jill. Of course, he had not encountered her as yet. So who knows. She may do the same - leave him in limbo.

But Artie wasn't in any semblance of limbo. He left the grey to wander through a beautiful landscape of color and light. Here he would find Jill. He began to feel her essence. Jill was about. It was only a matter of...........

Artie began to vibrate violently. His huge new shadowy bulk started to feel like a heavy coat. He could not control the vibrations. They continued as if he were to erupt. And that's just what he did. Artie erupted. He blew sky high. It was the most wonderful feeling ever. Artie was rapturous. He was tingling with wonderfulness. A feeling of certainty, of rightness, of complete and utter comfort energized by the freshest air imaginable and scent - was it lavender? -  overwhelmed was Artie but not confused - just brimming over with extraordinary health and well being - mentally, physically and emotionally.

Artie's senses were so acute. He could see for miles. Oh, and what he saw. Everybody he ever knew and encountered were before him scattered about singularly or in clusters waving and offering greetings. He even saw his first pet Daisy a beautiful mongrel. Those he saw were not the main players in his life. They were acquaintances, coworkers, shopkeepers, neighbors, brief encounters. His pets and other animals he knew were also in sight. As he was taking it all in with gratitude and delight, floating in from above coming toward him was Jill. He thought of Glinda the good witch in The Wizard of Oz and it made him laugh. "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" he thought recalling Glinda's first line to Dorothy.

"Why, I'm not a witch at all. Witches are old and ugly." Jill said playing along.

"Jill!" Artie attempted to run to her but instead was instantly beside her. How did this happen?

"Artie, you found me as I knew you would" Jill gushed as she seemed to hover delicately.

"So good to see you. my Jill" said Artie also hovering. "Although you look nothing like Jill, I know you are Jill."

"Yes I am Jill. And I know you are Artie even though you don't look like Artie."

"I don't?"

"No but - oh Artie, you are beautiful."

"You are beautiful, Jill. But Jill, what has happened to me?

"What has happened to you is what happens to all good people. You have been turned inside out for your true beauty to shine.
This has happened to me as well. "

"Jill I need to find my parents and Norma. Clifford, too."

"What about Gregory. Don't you want to see him as well/" Jill teased.

"I don't trust Gregory, Jill. Frankly, I am afraid of him."

"You need to be afraid of all of them, Artie - all of them."

"I - what are you telling me? What do you parents, Norma, good old Clifford....what.....?

"They are not who you think they are"

"Now wait a minute, Jill. I saw them....I spoke to them......

"Artie be silent and listen to me, please. Your parents, Norma, and Clifford are not available to you as yet. It will be a long time until you reunite with them. Who you think you encountered - your folks, your sister and Clifford - these people, that is, these entities are impostors."


"Yes, Artie, they are not your family. It was not Clifford. They are impostors."

"But why? For what purpose. Its incredulous. My parents were so happy and Norma too. We spoke briefly but I felt so good about it. "

"I'm telling you the truth, Artie."

"Yes, I know you are. Funny, but as crazy as it seems, I believe you. I believed you from the start. I'm just so confused."

"I know, Artie. I'll help you with that."

"So, then, at least that explains Gregory's behavior. He's been monstrous. I am relieved to know that wasn't Gregory. It was an impostor."

"Oh but Artie  - that was no impostor," Jill whispered. "That WAS Gregory."



  1. As usual I'm hanging. Can't wait for the next installment.

  2. This story just gets better and better.