Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Google Ghosts - A Cyber Psychic Serial by Tony Baksa - Episode 9 - Demons


Artie spun into unconsciousness. It was some time before he came to. When he opened his eyes he was seated slumped in a large arm chair. It looked very comfortable. It wasn't. He found himself in the middle of a large space facing a tribunal. Well, that is what it looked like. In front of Artie was a very long table that stretched out forever. Seated along the expanse from left to right until he could not see beyond the limitless linear gathering were people he felt he had known in varying degrees - from very well to a slight brush. Siting in the center of this foodless banquet was Gregory. He didn't look like Greg but Artie knew it was Greg just as he recognized Jill and Jill he.


Artie was extremely scared. He  had the feeling that this moment was his last. Gregory sat ominously still. The others sat still as well but with a more anticipatory air about them. They were all slightly turned inward eyeing Gregory.

As Artie perused the crowd he saw his parents, Norma, Clifford - all looking like themselves as did the others.

Artie thinks:
There's George the bartender that was always so funny at that bar on third Avenue that closed soon after George died. And I see Miss Titus my sweet high school Algebra teacher. And Lance my first boyfriend. Gosh, how long ago was that? Donny my first bully. Why does he look so kind, now? Grandma - both of them - the good one and the mean one. Was that my Grandpas next to them? I never knew them. Never even saw photographs of either grandfathers. They both passed long before I was born. It seems everyone I ever came in contact is here. But where's Jill? Shouldn't she be here as well?

Jill's absence was like a loud siren. It almost seemed on purpose - something Artie was supposed to notice - be aware of - and figure out.

And still no one spoke. Artie assumed that would be Gregory's job. After all it was obvious Greg was in charge. What was odd, however, in fact very odd, was with all these familiar faces many of whom were people he had loved, Artie did not feel safe or in any way protected. Why aren't his parents or Norma rushing to his side. Not a peep from Clifford. Boy could he use a chilled glass of Chianti right now.

And like magic his hand suddenly held a goblet of chilled Chianti. Artie just stared at the glass trembling with a new fear. He was certain they - all of the gathered ghosts were tuning in - hearing his every thought - all his thoughts - not just the appropriate ones as Jill mentioned. This group heard it all - heard the fear. He was doomed.

"Well, drink it, Artie." Gregory slithered.

Artie caught off guard by Gregory dropped the glass of wine but it did not shatter and splatter. It just disappeared. It was immediately replaced with another full goblet.

"I SAID DRINK IT!" Gregory boomed.

It would seem that Artie would drop the goblet again but fear reversed itself and Artie's grip tightened on the Goblet. Suddenly Gregory was airborne and shot out from the table directly to Artie. He was instantly in his face almost engulfing him with his evil presence........


Artie did as he was told. It was the worst tasting Chianti he had ever had.

The room filled with laughter of a sort one hopes they will never experience. It was ugly, dirty -  reeking with sin. Even his parents, Norma and Clifford were screaming this mirthless cackle. All Artie could do was sit there stunned. He then realized something else. He was crying. In fact he had been crying long before he knew it. He was crying. they were laughing and his world had disappeared forever.

Artie would never have the satisfied feeling he had been experiencing these past few years. That feeling that despite everything, he had a good life. He loved his work - his friends - his city. Life had been good. Yes, he had been losing loved ones and that was getting him depressed. But Artie was strong and he knew how to handle grief - setbacks - bad turns. These things weren't new to him. But above all else Artie was resilient and resourceful. But now it was over . The end has come. His life challenges were done. It was done He was done.

The laughter turned into a chant "Drink drink drink drink drink................"

It was unbearable. Suddenly all the seated ghosts flew from the table and filled the room like a swarm of killer bees. They buzzed around attacking Artie within an inch of his body. Flying in circles around him chanting "drink". These familiar entities began to change. They no longer looked as they did. His parents, Norma, Clifford and the rest were no longer recognizable. Swarming around Artie was a flock of hideous monsters. They were dripping and oozing. He had never seen beings such as these. Were they the demons Jill spoke of - the impostors?  

Artie heard himself screaming - a shameless scream - what did he care anymore - he never lost his cool - well, that wasn't necessary anymore - it almost felt good to scream - it was his only defense - so scream he did - like a banshee - "Why Gregory - why are you with these demons? "

In the chaos -in the wild flurry of out of control demons, Gregory grabbed Artie and in one giant swoop they -  Gregory with Artie flew out of sight.


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