Wednesday, December 5, 2012


"Guns don't kill people. People kill people" This is what those who oppose gun control say. I say, "No you horde of dumb asses - PEOPLE WITH GUNS KILL PEOPLE!"  This ridiculous sloganeering by the opposition to gun control really enrages me. Are they serious? Are they really that stupid or is their goal to target stupid people who so very easily fall for such shit thinking something very profound is being uttered. " OMG! People kill people." They just happen to use the gun to do it. Otherwise the gun would just be sitting there looking pretty. Too bad the pretty bullet in the chamber can't be seen as well. I mean, isn't that why people possess guns - handguns  -  for their aesthetic qualities - to display it as they would their beany babies or Fenton Glass or Partridge Family lunch boxes.

I am a fan of too many things that annoy me. For instance 'Survivor". I enjoy the dynamics of the personalities BUT must the producers always have to cast the most obnoxious people. Let me qualify that. They are not all obnoxious. I rather like Malcolm and Denise, Lisa and Carter of the current season. But Abby joins the ranks of so many despicable players before her. Remember Russel? Also, the other thing that annoys me to no end - and this appears in every season in one form or another - there is always a point where the players get all religious. They go on and on about the will of God. You see, these people who participate in 'Survivor" are playing to win one million dollars AND they seriously believe that God is watching the show - that He cares more about people who can afford to put their lives on hold for over a month to have an adventure of a lifetime with one million dollars as a very likely reward. Never mind what's happening in Syria or the world economy or diseases with no cure - world injustices - they believe sitting in their spoiled selfish bubble that the Lord Almighty has become a couch potato that will arrange for them to win one million dollars - after taxes, of course.

I love Jeopardy. I have been watching it for many many years. What dismays me of late is the lack of knowledge the contestants posses when it comes to the Arts. Facts, stats and such that were second nature to many of us when we were kids eludes these very intelligent people. It speaks volumes, though - doesn't it. It tells us that our culture has devolved. I know people who consider The Sound of Music  classical. If they hear a song from the American songbook as they say these days - they generally remark - old school or some such dismissive term. And what do they think is great or, excuse me " awesome or amazing "? - Taylor Swift, those Bravo channel's Housewives series, The Twilight movies - oh, I'm done. Let me go read a book. A BOOK? Oh, have you heard people refer to magazines as books? I have - more times then you would believe. HELP!!


  1. As to the lack of knowledge of the ARTS, well, ever since we were "A Nation at Risk" in 1985 continuing through to the present day "Race to the Top", anything that is deemed "extra" (apart from reading and math) has been slashed from schools. Part of this is a direct result of a contrived "crisis" in education. The other part is a direct result of continual and systematic education cuts.

    And, by the way, I too am a fan of Survivor and struggle every season with the same annoyances!!

  2. Unfortunately, these cuts are making America a nation of clods. Well, that's harsh. However, the arts has much to do with the quality of our everyday lives. Also, that spills over onto how we view life and how we treat each other.Enjoying the finer things in life such as art and music etc. just makes us better people.They never cut the sports programs, though - do they.