Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WEGMANS Afternoon Delight!

I went grocery shopping today. I also ate out today. It was at the same establishment. A place we frequent and yet never take for granted. Each time I go there I am put in a good mood whether or not I entered it that way. So, today after tasting pumpkin bisque and Parmesan flan, herb baked tofu, chicken curry, other assorted baked and flavored tofus, terriyaki meatballs and a French vanilla muffin - the vanilla was so intense - I just had to write this unsolicited testimonial for my favorite WNY store. 

Is there no better food shopping experience in Western New York than Wegmans. They have everything. Having lived in New York City for most of my adult life, I have gotten accustomed to having just about anything my pallet desires without having to embark on a time consuming search. I feared I would have to do that here in Buffalo or just go without my favorite foods. I soon discovered Wegmans after I bought my house in Hamburg. Believe me when I say, Wegmans has enough of what I like to keep me satisfied.And the quality is superb. The ambiance is unmatched. It is a beautiful store. I have never encountered such a friendly, knowledgeable and - not that this is terribly important - attractive staff. They all seem happy to be there and happy to interact with the customers.

And let me dispel a tired old MYTH about my beloved Wegmans. Wegmans is not more expensive than Tops! In fact I find it cheaper. I think what confuses people about Wegmans is that, unlike Tops, they carry high end products. So one might gather from this fact and the upscale appearance of this store that it must be expensive. It is not unless you must have fillet Mignon, and salmon steak every day of the week. The thing about Wegmans is that you can shop with a champagne pocket book or a beer wallet and you will still be satisfied. By the way, have you tried their food bar? OMG!! International defines this gourmet layout. With chefs and foodies mulling around, the Wegmans food bar is a savory delight.

DISCLAIMER : I do NOT work for Wegmans. I do not own stock in Wegmans. I JUST LOVE WEGMANS.


  1. me too! When my Mom visits from FL, we always have to go spend time at Wegman's - it's a destination for her! Lisa Rood

  2. Lis and I have spent quite some time savoring their treats too. Love it.

  3. Today, I saw on the 6 o'clock news that Fortune 500 has listed Wegmans as the 5th best company in the USA to work for - the 5th - that's huge! I guess happy employees transfers that to its customners.

  4. Christine Gordon ScarsellaJanuary 21, 2013 at 1:00 PM

    Love Wegmans too !!!!!